Sunday, February 19, 2012

Legal Attachment

Salam readers....
so..actually i havent written anything here since this pas few months!hehhee.
well...maybe because im feel too lazy to update my blog because im too busy with my subjects!!. feel nervous and anxious right now..i feel like something is dancing inside my stomach!!!or maybe they are trying to "kill" my body system!OMG!
this nervous feeling is killing me softly...but i dont want to be rotten here!!!!maybe because im too nervous or because im too worry T_T..
because tomorrow is my first day for my LEGAL ATTACHMENT!!!
what it is?
i think LAW STUDENT will know is a compulsory for the third year law student in MMU to attend the legal is just like an industrial training.but as a law student.we must "attached" whether to a legal firms or any government's departments which is linked to the legal matters..erm matters?im not sure lah but then it just like you work with legal firm or you work with attorney's general chambers....police aid bureaus or even you can choose to work at courts..but then..
as im attach at the government department which is pejabat penasihat undang-undang negeri salary provided..very very upset actually T_T ...but i dont care!it is just three months dude!! what is more important is that the input and output that i will gain during this three months period.....

and i was thinking that after im finishing my law for chmabering..i think that i want to have an experience working at legal firms as right now im choosing agc as a place for me to gain or dig legal experiences working with legal officers of governmnets.. future..i should go to legal firms-lah kan sebab i want to know how the situations..circumstances when working with legal firm..

Yeah!people might think that im lawyer to be..future lawyer >_<
BWEEEKK!heheheehhee.insyaAllah.. so so nervous..afraid..horror.terrible..everything regarding bad feelings are with me now!
i hope Allah will make my day easier.amin...InsyaAllah...

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